A little about us…

Kez and Pete

Kerrie and Peter

Peter and I first met in 2003. Β His smile knocked my socks off- it still does- and we discovered we have similar taste in music, books and movies. He made me laugh in a way no one else ever had and he appreciated my dry and silly sense of humour.

Fast forward to now. We have been happily living together since 2010 and are now ready to begin the next step of our journey- building a home together.

The main reason I began this blog is to document our journey and to give us something toΒ look back on when it is all over. Please click on the ‘Our Building Journey’ tab to follow the story of our home building adventure.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will pop back occasionally to see how we are doing.



16 Responses to A little about us…

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Kez, I think we met last week at the club. We used the bbq right beside you. We built with Wisdom. If I can help with anything let me know. Kerrie in sales knows me well she can show where I live. Feel free to knock on the door. Good luck with it all…..

    • keznpete says:

      Hi Diane, how nice to hear from you! I am glad you found my blog. So far we are having a good experience. Glad you built a Wisdom home, would love to talk about it. I will drop you an email.

      Thanks again for the message,

      Kerrie πŸ™‚

  2. sue moore says:

    Hi Kez and Pete
    We are also building at Harrington Grove. We are in Benala Cove. We are hoping to have a slab in the next month although as I write this there is thunder and lightening and rain….. Hopefully it will be short lived because we don’t want wet weather holding things up. It feels like we’ve been planning this forever so it is good to see that its quite normal πŸ™‚
    We are always down there looking at our land, haha and we are also hoping to be finished in sept/Oct. Well stop and say hi next time we’re there if we see you πŸ™‚
    Sue and Ken.

    • keznpete says:

      Hi Sue and Ken, It’s, so nice to hear from you! Please do come and say hi when you see us- we often visit our block. If you see a blue Lancer on the kerb, we are definitely around there somewhere. We look forward to meeting you and sharing building stories.
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • sue moore says:

        Hello πŸ™‚
        We’ll definately be around on the weekend so I hope to catch up with you. We also have a blended family with 3 children/adolescents/young adults (depending on the day) moving with us who are all at uni (two in their first year Sharna and Dean…. Both 18yrs old…….. and Keith in the second year of policing, 22yrs old). We will also have frequent visits from our older two sons Jared and Dane and their wives Vanessa and Aleks and children Leah 19mths and Riley 5wks. We’re building a custom design home with Everyday Homes. Kens mum will also be moving with us and living in the granny flat attached to the house. Hope to catch up soon. Sue πŸ™‚

      • keznpete says:

        Looking forward to meeting you, Sue! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • sue moore says:

        We were down there yesterday to visit the land….. Not that it’s changed much lol. Our plans are finally going to Council tomorrow!! Yay!!

  3. keznpete says:

    We were there yesterday too, Too bad we weren’t there at the same time We drove up Banala to see if there was any action and it was quiet. It’s a gorgeous little street- I love it!

    We used to go and see our block at least once a week even though there was nothing going on- we used to just like having a look and a little drive around to see what was happening at HG. I am taking one of my daughters over this afternoon, because she hasn’t seen the slab yet. We might find time to go to the Country Club for an iced chocky! Congrats on going to council- I hope you get out quickly. We took less than two weeks- I am wishing the same (or less) for you guys! πŸ™‚

    • sue says:

      If its late this avo I might see you down there 😊

    • sue says:

      Hi there we were at the land today and wow what a difference a week makes! Your frame is up….. And I got very excited, which is probably really sad lol but it reminded me that we should be seeing the same soon. No word from Council yet but it’s only been a week.
      Sue 😊

      • keznpete says:

        Hi Sue, you are right! It won’t be lng till you see some action on your block. Hopefuly you will be out of council by the end of this week- then the ball will be rolling. I love that the frame is up- I can visualise where everything will be and it is much more exciting to go and visit. We used to visit the vacant block frequently- still not sure what we were hoping to find. πŸ˜‰ Keep me posted on what’s happening at ‘your place’. Hopefully we will get to meet you guys soon. πŸ™‚

      • sue moore says:

        Haha, i know exactly what you mean, we visit ours weekly but my husband usually says “it’s still there” lol. It’s hard to visualise on a vacant block of land. We’ve even stepped it out and used a stick to mark where the front door is etc…… I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. We will have to run into each other soon….. We are usually in a white ford ute with Seimens written on the side. Our block is lot 117, it’s the one next to the reserve so we have at least one fence already….oh and we usually go to “Lickits” frozen custard each time we visit…. Not sure if you’ve been there, it’s on Camden Valley way across from mcdonalds….. And it’s yummy!!
        Sue πŸ™‚

    • sue says:

      Hi there again!
      We’ve been watching the progress of your house reach time we visit our land and it seemed to move so fast at first…… Then we were wondering if wisdom homes had gone bust!! No movement for ages.
      Well our plans are out of Council and we are just waiting on the home owners warranty to be sent to the bank then it can go to construction. It feels like it’s dragging on and on and on…… At this rate we won’t be in before Christmas πŸ˜‚
      We have also been doing the “lounge shuffle” sitting on lots and lots to find the right one…. or two 😊
      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that movement will begin again for you while we have this beautiful weather 😊
      Sue and Ken.

      • keznpete says:

        Hi sue, thank you for that lovely message. We went down today and not much has happened. Apparently it is very hard to get tradesmen… we seem to be full steam ahead one week and nothing the next.

      • keznpete says:

        Hi Sue, so nice to hear from you. We went over on Friday for a quick look. There have been more bricks delivered. We were away in QLD for the weekend (visiting daughter and grandkids) but went to the house straight from the airport today- the brickies have been back and left their stuff, so hopefully there will be brickwork done this week. I hope to see you soon- maybe we can have a cuppa at the Country Club! Hope all is going well with you. Best wishes, Kerrie and Peter πŸ™‚

      • sue says:

        Hi guys I’ve got everything crossed for you that your brickwork gets closer to being finished this week. We should definitely go for a cuppa one day soon. We’ve been frequenting “Lickits” frozen custard lately. … like every time we visit the land lol. They do good coffee as well 😊
        Cheers, Sue and Ken

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