Nearly there…but not quite

After almost two years of planning and dreaming, we are so close to the end of our building journey…so close! On Thursday we had our PCI walk-through and it went ok. There were several small issues which need to be addressed, but nothing that should hold us up. There was some scratched glass (it was replaced on Friday), dirty planter-boxes (they were cleaned yesterday), paint-patching and a few problems with cleaning….nothing that set off alarm bells. Craig said he would organise the tradies to come out and have those things done by the end of next week for an end of week handover.

Last Friday Craig rang Peter and told him that our Interim Occupation Certificate is not done yet, so that’s a bit of a problem. We still have our fingers firmly crossed for a Thursday/Friday settlement date. We are just so eager to get in and start landscaping and the million other things we need to get done.

That’s where we are at now…hopefully next weekend will be spent moving. Fingers crossed!

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